An analysis of the ethnicity of vietnam

Conclusions In spite of policies to out rule health inequities, ethnic minority women constitute a disadvantaged group in Vietnam. Since the aim of the study was to review the academic literature about health among ethnic minorities in Vietnam, we excluded all articles where the main study population was living outside of Vietnam and studies not relating to health issues.

Qualitative studies that aimed to explain differential health outcomes between ethnic minority and majority populations were included. This study revealed that, although maternal health has improved over time, inequalities still existed between disadvantaged and privileged groups.

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This is especially true the farther back you go in the tree! Awareness of ethnicity as a determinant of health, not only as a covariate of poverty or living area, needs to be improved, and research needs to be designed with this in mind.

Furthermore, countries that on a national level actually have succeeded in improving maternal health and reducing maternal mortality are still faced with big inequalities between different segments of the populations. In addition, traditions and patriarchal structures within ethnic minority groups were seen to contribute to the maintenance of harmful health behaviors within these groups.

This came at a time when they made up However, a fundamental solidarity among ethnic groups has been established on top of this difference as a result of a centuries long cooperation on the soil of Vietnam.

Others, like parts of Europe, have had fairly porous borders, and people have intermarried with people from surrounding regions.

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Right in the first century of the history, a mutual supplement in economic relationship between lowland people and mountainous people was formed.

Although there is evidence of inequity being based on factors independent of personal or household wealth, inequities have primarily been addressed in economic terms.

Some ethnic groups are small, with less than 1, members, and apart from the Hoa Chinese group, ethnic minorities are disproportionately poor and generally live in more remote locations 27 In particular since the reform period doi moithere have been a number of health reforms trying to manage the transition from a government financed health system to a more market oriented approach However, just like many people today, many of our ancestors had mixed backgrounds.

The specific objectives are to examine the existing evidence of explanations and causes of ethnic inequity in health and to summarize findings of the magnitude of related to ethnicity in Vietnam through a systematic review. Factors, such as household wealth and commune effect, were identified as important social determinants of maternal health care utilization.

Therefore, the research aim of the present review is to highlight ethnicity as an important predictor in public health over and above household economic status and education.

This is a question that comes up sometimes when people are talking about their ethnicity estimate: No preset study protocol was used or registered for this systematic review. Within the group of mothers from poor households ethnic minority mothers were at a three-fold risk of not attending any antenatal care OR 3.

Each group has its own culture, diverse and special. In the Population and Housing Census ofonly crude infant mortality rate for a selection of ethnic minority groups is presented The combination of our selective service policies, our AFQT testing of both drafted and volunteers, the need for skilled enlisted men in many areas of the armed forces, all conspired to assign blacks in greater numbers to the combat units of the Army and Marine Corps.

The officer corps has always drawn heavily on English, German, Irish and Scandinavian-Amer ancestries from lower-middle and middle class white collar homes with other large percentages from ambitious blue-collar and career military families. Disadvantaged groups of women tend to have higher rates of both morbidity and mortality, and less access to safe, affordable and acceptable health care services enabling safe pregnancy and childbirth [ 12 ].

To date, the discourse has predominately focussed on reaching the poor. Today, many children in Viet Nam enjoy a quality of life never imagined by previous generations. Here are a few of the reasons behind these big changes.

Therefore, we discarded qualitative studies that did not explicitly aim to explain determinants of inequity.In the Vietnam Household Living Standard Survey of andethnicity is included as an independent variable but no further analysis other than crude figures are presented in the reports from the General Statistics Office (GSO) (22, 23).

Country social analysis: ethnicity and development in Vietnam (Vol. 2): Main report (English) Abstract. This report " Country Social Analysis (CSA) " focused on ethnicity and development in Vietnam is a provocative analysis of.

Ethnic minority health in Vietnam: a review exposing horizontal inequity

DNA analysis is cutting-edge science. Genetic Communities are an example of that. We didn't use data from them in earlier versions of ethnicity estimates because that.

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Mar 03,  · I’m not sure how you define ethnicity. Lots of the cultural features of Vietnam, for instance their original writing system, have come from China.

Their genetic origins all seem to come primarily by entry from the south by way of the west-to-east pathway from Africa along the southern edges of the Eurasian continent. The children in Viet Nam. Life is much better for the 26 million Vietnamese children today than it was just two decades ago.

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List of ethnic groups in Vietnam

United Nation Convention on the Rights of the Child. Vietnam is a nation-state located in Southeastern Asia, sharing borders with Cambodia and Laos to the west, China to the north, the Gulf of Tonkin to the east, and the South China Sea to the south.

It spans more thansq. km, which compares in size to New Mexico in the United States. It is a.

An analysis of the ethnicity of vietnam
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