An essay on the story of amos in the bible

The shrines at Bethel and other places of worship were often paganized, and Israel had a worldly view of even the ritual that the Lord himself had prescribed.

In the ancient world, each nation customarily had its own god, a deity whose power and influence were limited by the boundaries of the country over which it presided. Evidence indicates that Yahweh was so conceived by the Hebrew people. Amos was not impressed by this kind of argument.

Amos was a shepherd who lived in the region of Tekoa, not many miles from the city of Jerusalem. Many availed themselves of the throngs which attended the sacred festivals to indulge in immoderate enjoyment and tumultuous revelry. Immunity cannot be claimed simply because of past favor of God, irrespective of deeds and the measure of faithful service.

After a time, Amos reaches the point where he can no longer keep quiet about his dreams. He earned his living from the flock and the sycamore-fig grove 1: Dishonesty and transgression of the rights of people will bring about the destruction of this nation just as surely as they did in the cases of Tyre, Moab, Damascus, and Gaza.

In a second vision, Amos sees a basket of summer fruit that represents the people of Israel, whose material prosperity is like the fully ripe fruit. It was also a time of idolatry, extravagant indulgence in luxurious living, immorality, corruption of judicial procedures and oppression of the poor.

That its religious and political leaders have overconfidently believed that their manner of worshiping Yahweh will bring them continued peace and prosperity avails them nothing at all. Being thus prevented from bringing his message to an end, and from reaching the ear of those to whom he was sent, he had recourse to writing.

The Prophet Amos

YHWH, God of justice, demands right living not oblations. He was raised in an environment where it was understood that loyalty to Yahweh involves fair dealings among people rather than observance of religious rites and ceremonies.

Social corruption and the oppression of the poor and helpless were prevalent. In fact, the Lord had a glorious future for his people, beyond the impending judgment.

He was not a man of the court like Isaiah, or a member of a priestly family like Jeremiah and Ezekiel. This vision is also interpreted as a warning of the evil days that lie ahead.

In fact, the Lord had a glorious future for his people, beyond the impending judgment. On the other hand, when observance of ritual becomes a substitute for morality, nothing less than its total abolition seems to be appropriate — undoubtedly the case with Amos.

He probably ministered for the most part at Bethel 7: The God of Israel, the Lord of history, would not abandon his chosen people or his chosen program of redemption. The first four of these oracles tell of calamities that have fallen upon the respective kingdoms because of their utter disregard for what is just and right.

The book brings his prophecies together in a carefully organized form intended to be read as a unit. He made his living by raising sheep and taking care of sycamore trees. Both kingdoms were enjoying great prosperity and had reached new political and military heights cf. It is not mere chance that HoseaIsaiahJeremiahEzekieland almost all of the prophets who are more than unknown personages to whom a few prophetical speeches are ascribed, give first of all the story of their special calling.The story of the Jewish People over 3, years.

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Book of Amos

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Amos (prophet)

Erma Louisiana August 31, Essays & Stories on the Holocaust. Judaism, Civilization & Progress. Read the Book of Amos online. Study Scripture verses with commentary, concordances, and use highlighting, underlining, take notes in the Bible. Mitchell includes introductory studies on Amos the historical person, the date of his writing, and the composition of the biblical book.

The bulk of Thomas’ study is a critical commentary on his translation of Amos. Mitchell also includes studies on Amos’ place in the Bible and alongside other prophetic literature in the Bible. Free Essay: The Prophet Amos Amos is recognized as the first of the Israelite prophets whose words were recorded on a scroll.

tells the story of a strong-willed woman whose faith and intellect brought her about to play a major role in early New England Puritan life. and other gods. The Bible refers to prophets of Yahweh, Baal, and other. Yahweh gave Amos this message directly in order for Amos to inform the rich of their sins of moral injustice towards the poor.

For this, it is important to understand who Amos was and the context of his book that put forth the message of Yahweh. The Bible speaks of his ministry and prophecies concluding aroundtwo years before the earthquake that is spoken of in Amos" two years before the earthquake." [4] The prophet Zechariah was likely alluding to this same earthquake several centuries later: Zechariah"And you shall flee as you fled from the earthquake in the days.

An essay on the story of amos in the bible
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