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We should realize the fact that we are extremely lucky for having an amazing childhood. This essay will begin by identifying two images of the child-the innocent and the out-of-control child, while critically examining the way in which society perceives them.

Childhood is that golden period of life which flies away without giving any notice and never comes back. As one grows in age, he or she feels great attachment and attraction for the days spent in childhood. This construct is apparent in early childhood classrooms in practices of censorship as adults shelter children from the real world Sorin, A child has the purest heart any human being can possess and all that heart desires is love; no matter what the circumstances are.

Some might argue that being protective is the responsible thing for a parent to. This is because growing up in an Asian community, I lived a very protected and sheltered life.

Any person who claims that he or she had an amazing childhood has witnessed sufficient amount of love, care and affection from their family members.

Everyone deep inside their hearts wants to be children again but the fact remains; those days cannot come back however hard we try. It is during childhood that a child is moulded as an individual for the rest of his life.

Time is always passing fast and it is impossible for anyone to enjoy the days which will never come back.

If on the other hand, the moulding is bad the child can result in being a menace to the society. The notion of "childhood" has commonly been recognized as a socially constructed phenomenon Canella, When individuals recollect the memories of childhood, they feel delighted as it is the most pleasant period which is free from any kind of worry or anxiety.

Childhood is the period which has often been praised by poets and writers. Studies are important but one should not over- burden a child with extra- curricular activities.

A family is a place where the child is first born. Within this discourse, children are portrayed as being powerless and vulnerable, subjected to the authority and protection of adults Sorin, Having no anxieties, worries or work, a child is free from the dirty and filthy noise of the worldly life.

The increasing number of literature on this subject provides an avenue for researchers and us to consciously reflect on our understandings and perceptions of children.When a person is writing a concept paper, he or she could choose to draw on topics, such as fear, unemployment, education, authorship, political gains, depression, psychoanalysis, platonic friendships, animal behavior or childhood.

Concepts of Childhood

A concept paper is an in-depth analysis of that discusses a thought. The concept of the nature of the child and the constructs surrounding childhood has been a topic of popular debate over time and place. Recently, there has been a growing amount of interest and research dedicated to the sociological study /5(1).

Childhood is the age of innocence, purity, and fearlessness; it is also the age of broad imagination, laughter, and sweet dreams. The child is innocent by nature and whatever he/she does, he/she does it with pure and free heart away from any mischief or evil.

Essay on The Concept of Childhood Innocence - Abstract In this essay, I intend to explain how everyday lives challenge the construction of childhood as a time of innocence. In the main part of my assignment, I will explain the idea of innocence, which started with Romantic discourse of childhood and how it shaped our view of childhood.

“all societies at all times have had the concept of childhood, that is to say, the concept that children can be distinguished from adults in various ways” Archard D., in Heywood. C (ed) () A history of Childhood.

Essay on “Childhood” (700 Words)

Essay Explain Child Protection in the Wider Concept Explain child protection within the wider concept of safeguarding children and young people. Today we use the term safeguarding instead of child protection because it covers a much broader range.

Concept of childhood essay
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