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What is the enlightened Earth enlightened by except a billion unearthly screens? You see forever and afterwards you appear to yourself again as disjointed, as separate from everything else: It is truly an integral and mystical language of the soul.

After all, if a painting is naked, that is, unadorned with spirit, then it is easy to define "bad art" as simply: To give a few imperfect hints towards a solution of these questions is the object of the present letter.

This is not to say that the artistic mystics are potential founders of religions, great seers, or prophets, not at all, but that they are sometimes imprinted upon, when in an open state, or have experienced the same sources of revelatory and inspiring forces on some level.

Primitive man was really on his way when he learned to kindle the one and had enough of the other nearby to put it out. The Old Testament story of the golden calf and the subsequent prohibition against graven images not only fostered the iconoclastic debate and its place in the unfolding of history, and subsequently, art history, but also, inversely, inspired a backlash of revelation through the spark of individuation, a communion through art, self and Godhead.

In this new book I will address the aesthetic and perennial questions regarding the artist enveloped in a mystical life. Earth is captured by a technocapital singularity as renaissance rationalization and oceanic navigation lock into commoditization take-of… As in voodoo, the dimension of the dead and the Lwa is a parallel reality which penetrates our own erratically, and the questions from this point of view are different.

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Inspiring a sense of mystery and awe, mystic n. If a soul does not seek eternal values and love, then mortal existence is without meaning and life itself becomes an inescapable and tragic illusion.

They were severe upon all who did not believe with them. When Ellen arose in vision upon her feet, with the heavy open Bible in her hand, and walked the room, uttering the passages of scripture, Sargent, Robbins, and French were silenced.

That dilute form becomes one-pointed and ONE-connected and super-concentrated. If we revert to the earliest primordial types of mechanical life, to the lever, the wedge, the inclined plane, the screw and the pulley, or for analogy would lead us one step further to that one primordial type from which all the mechanical kingdom has been developed, we mean to the lever itself, and if we then examine the machinery of the Great Eastern, we find ourselves almost awestruck at the vast development of the mechanical world, at the gigantic strides with which it has advanced in comparison with the slow progress of the animal and vegetable kingdom.

This is an important point for anyone who undergoes such experiences, for at this stage one can easily become either self-deluded or experience a degree of self-actualization.

Creativity, inspiration and mystical experiences are seemingly a mystery because there is something paradoxical about it, something that makes it difficult to see how it is even possible.

Such visitations are not the same as a vision from religious fervor, pseudo-chemical hallucinations, or hyper-sensorial ecstasies from entheogens, although all of that may hold the promise of quasi-revelations and transformative "states" derived from a temporary experience. We shall find it impossible to refrain from asking ourselves what the end of this mighty movement is to be.

The eye of the artist has turned to the exterior, to the mundane and moneymaking market place, aimless, and thus we have art that moves further and further away from our true nature, our spirit. The motto that usually accompanied it was "From the One to the One.

Bees find their way by polarized light imperceptible to human beings, and whales locate their prey with sonar-echo thousands of feet below the surface of the ocean. In actuality, the title of this essay will be the same as the book I am currently writing, but the following essay is explicitly created for The Society of the Imagination and all for all who discover the many stunning artists who are presented on-line here.

In art, for me, it is the sense of what is not there that is more telling than what is. It does not matter if the wrong portrayal is from a capable writer or that their book has sold in the millions, it will die its own death if not based on the genuine experience.

This tribe, this lineage that has always been and always will be, is becoming re-membered now all over the world, just beneath the surface of the business of art, that dense and thick dark forest called the world of contemporary art.

I confronted the terrible darkness and deepest layers of mind through dream states and astral journeys that happened of their own accord and without my desire or will.Lord Kelvin calculated the earth to be around 20 million years old from the law of thermodynamics. 4. Arthur Holmes used radioactive particles of uranium in the attempt to accurate date the planet.

This time, the subject is not the shape of the earth, nor the decoding of DNA, or the discovery stem cells, or of a new planet, a new bomb, anti-matter, or the energy at the heart of atoms, but what might be called the most awesome puzzle and mystery of all - the source of human creative power.

Bachelard G.Earth and Reveries of Will: An Essay on the Imagination of Matter, Dallas Institute, Dallas (English trans. K. Haltman). Bachelard G.,Water and Dreams: An Essay on the Imagination of Matter, Dallas Institute, Dallas (English trans.

E.R. Farrell). So, when it comes to the day-to-day sensations of living, from mixing a cup of coffee to flying a kite, you treat with the four ideal elements of the old philosophers: earth, air, fire, water.

Let’s face it, air isn’t very glamorous, no matter how you look at it. "Give the Earth back to the animals, they deserve it infinitely more than we do." And indeed it is matter for great congratulation on many grounds. It is unnecessary to mention these here, for they are sufficiently obvious; our present business lies with considerations which may somewhat tend to humble our pride and to make us think.

Progress And The Voodoo Gods

Sep 11,  · This fact itself becomes the subject, as if some demiurgic force had captured Earth (as Land asserted in his cult essay Meltdown) and now wanders .

Earth essay imagination matter reveries will
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