Egyptian citizenship


You will no longer have to renew any visas or permits, nor will you have to renounce your first citizenship. Withdrawal of citizenship[ edit ] An Egyptian nationality may, by a justified decree of the Council of Ministers, be withdrawn from those who acquired it by forged means or false statements, within 10 years from the date he acquired Egyptian nationality.

Children aged under 21 normally obtain Egyptian citizenship citizenship automatically at the same time a responsible parent is naturalised. If he accepts to join military service in a foreign country without a prior license from the Minister of War.

If his normal residence is abroad, and a court ruling is issued condemning him in a crime harmful to state security Egyptian citizenship abroad. Therefore, even if the child is registered with the Egyptian authorities and given an Egyptian birth certificate proof of Egyptian citizenshipit is unclear whether Egypt would recognize the foreign citizenship at all in official contexts.

If he has obtained an Israeli citizenship. You may not run for political office until you have been a citizen for 10 years. This must be notarized by either a notary public or an Egyptian consulate official. Those who have acquired the United Arab Republic nationality pursuant to the provisions of Law no.

Applying for Egyptian citizenship as a spouse If you are the wife of an Egyptian national, the process for citizenship application comparatively simple curiously, this courtesy is not extended to foreign spouses of Egyptian women.

If he obtains a foreign nationality, in a manner other than what is set forth sub article This contrasts with some Asian countries such as IndiaChinaand Japanwhose nationals lose the original nationality when they voluntarily assume another. As Egypt is primarily a jus sanguinis jurisdiction, the status of persons born to Egyptian parents in countries operating under jus soli rules is somewhat complex.

A prime example is the child of Egyptians born in the United Stateswhere any person born subject to its jurisdiction is automatically a citizen: Egyptian nationality may be withdrawn from those who obtained it Egyptian citizenship naturalization or through marriage, within 5 years following the date it is obtained, in any of the following cases: The President may also waive the restrictions on political participation mentioned above.

A foreign woman who has acquired the nationality of the United Arab Republic, under the provisions of Law No. Egyptian nationality may be granted by Presidential decree.

Resumption of Egyptian citizenship[ edit ] Egyptian nationality may be restituted, by a decree of the Minister of Interior, to a person from whom it has been withdrawn or who has forfeited it, after the lapse of 5 years from withdrawing or forfeiting it. By birth, from a father or a mother who is considered Egyptian as per item 2 of the present article or by birth in the Egyptian region of the United Arab Republic, or if the UAR nationality has been granted to him on the basis of birth, or residence in the Egyptian region, or on the basis of Egyptian origin, or having rendered honorable services to the government of the Egyptian region, or because he is head of an Egyptian religious sect working in the Egyptian regions.

Normally a person must be aged 21 or over in order to become a naturalized Egyptian citizen. Those who have an Egyptian origin when he applies for Egyptian nationality after 5 years of ordinary residence in Egypt, provided he has already attained full age at the time he submits the application.

Egyptian nationality may also be restituted by decree of the Minister of Interior to a person having forfeited it by obtaining a foreign nationality, after granting him permission to that effect.

Those who have settled in Egypt since before November 5,and are not nationals of foreign countries, and have maintained their residence in Egypt until the present law comes into force. Citizenship by Presidential Decree The Egyptian President may grant citizenship to any foreign national who has rendered some major service to Egypt.

However, by Presidential decree, he may be exempted from the first restriction, or both restrictions combined. Children born in Egypt or to at least one Egyptian parent automatically earn citizenship. If a court-ruling has been passed against him in a crime against the safety of the state, either from outside or within the country.

To be eligible for Egyptian citizenship, you must have lived in the country for a minimum of 10 consecutive years, and you must be over 21 years of age.

Also, make sure that your residence and work permits are in order. Restoring Egyptian nationality may also take place by a Presidential decree. Naturalization[ edit ] A person may be naturalised as an Egyptian citizen after at least 10 consecutive years of residence in Egypt. If he has failed to reside in Egypt for 2 consecutive years, and his absence has been without a reason acceptable by the Minister of Interior.

Dual citizenship[ edit ] Under Egyptian law, acquiring another citizenship is acceptable, but requires that those who apply for another nationality inform appropriate Egyptian officials. Those who were born to an Egyptian parent, or have an Egyptian grandparent Those who were born abroad, of an Egyptian mother and an unknown father, or a stateless father, or a father whose nationality is unknown, if he chooses Egyptian nationality within one year of coming of age, provided he shall advise the Minister of Interior of his choice, after making his ordinary residence in Egypt, and the Minister of Interior does not object thereto within one year from the date of the advice is received by the Minister.

A foreign woman without citizenship will undoubtedly get even less than the meagre consideration that the law affords women, even where her children are concerned. However, holders of a dual-citizenship are exempt from military service and prohibited from enrolling in military and police academies or being elected to Parliament.

If you are granted citizenship, you are not allowed to participate in elections until five years from the day it is granted.

Egypt to offer citizenship to foreigners for $400,000 deposit

Experiences with the process and success rates vary wildly. Four recent photographs of the wife A processing fee equivalent to about USD At this point the application is submitted to the Ministry of the Interior in Cairo for approval. Articles If you have lived in Egypt for an extended period of time, or you are married to an Egyptian national, consider applying for Egyptian citizenship.An anonymous year old-Syrian man told Egypt Independent that this fee rise will only decrease the numbers of people willing to obtain the Egyptian citizenship.

He further explained that was a resident living in Banha city in the Qalubyia governorate making a living by selling food, obtaining the nationality was seen as a necessity.

Citizenship by birth is only granted under the following conditions: Child born in Egypt, out of wedlock, to an Egyptian mother, when the father is unknown or stateless, is considered a citizen of Egypt.

Child born in Egypt of unknown parents is automatically granted Egyptian citizenship. Children born in Egypt or to at least one Egyptian parent automatically earn citizenship. Spouses of Egyptian nationals do not earn citizenship through marriage, though marriage to an Egyptian will undoubtedly improve the chances of your application being approved.

The Egyptian nationality law is based on a mixture the principles of Jus sanguinis and Jus soli with some alterations.

Egyptian nationality law

In other words, both place of birth and Egyptian parentage are relevant for determining whether a person is an Egyptian citizen.

Egypt is offering citizenship to foreigners who deposit at least 7 million Egyptian pounds ($,) and then hand it over to the Treasury after five years, an amendment passed by parliament on Monday said.


acquire egyptian citizenship The Egyptian law grants the foreigner wife of an Egyptian the right to acquire the Egyptian nationality while keeping her original nationality.

You will have to submit a request stating the wish to acquire the Egyptian Nationality along with the husband's consent.

Egyptian citizenship
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