Example of data analysis in research methodology

The combination of topics and packages reflect questions that are often asked in our statistical consulting.

Data Analysis Examples

In this quantitative method, the number of people asking for an Pillow Pet elephant would be overwhelming, making it a perfect new product line choice.

The production cost of the scary snake is dropped and the designers can focus on what children like best based on parental input. These pages merely introduce the essence of the technique and do not provide a comprehensive description of how to use it.

Using the Pillow Pet example, we must first look at the qualitative method first. DONATE Data Analysis Examples The pages below contain examples often hypothetical illustrating the application of different statistical analysis techniques using different statistical packages.

Parent Surveys — Telephone or online surveys are developed to be answered by parents of the original focus group of children. Telfer looked at gender-specific designs.

No child of either gender liked the way the snake pillow felt when unfolded and found it uncomfortable. The focus group needed to answer specific questions about what they liked about the new Pillow Pets including questions such as, do you think the snake pillow is comfortable and why?

The polar bear was not white and black in color. Females thought the snake looked mean. Here, questions on market share, market demographics, and customer satisfaction can be achieved and those results used to improve the widget or change the widget or elements of the widget entirely.

Here, through learned responses, the new design, if developed using the quantitative method will help to increase sales. For example, perhaps a focus group of children were gathered with a variety of designs to determine favorites and the not so favorites.

To find out, quantitative methods pool participants in various ways and match actual and factual numbers to the questions asked.

Find Answers Using the Quantitative Method written by: Qualitative research always comes first, so in our scenario to determine the problems with low sales of the Pillow Pet qualitative research shows the reason for the low sales.

If surveys or questionnaires revealed an elephant was missing from the Pillow Pet line via suggestions by a panel, this product could be introduced. The answers provide quantitative numbers to increase sales based on pooling a group.

Again, survey data analysis reveals if indeed a redesign would work or fail. If an analysis is not shown in a particular package,this does not imply that the package cannot do the analysis, it may simply mean that the analysis is not commonly done in that package by our clients.

As such, this heavily reflects the demand from our clients at walk in consulting, not demand of readers from around the world. Qualitative research shows what is wrong, where quantitative methods reveal ways to improve products based on end-user input; or numerical data that can be analyzed.Data analysis Content analysis was used to analyze the data which was gathered from personal interviews.

According to Moore & McCabe (), this is the type of research whereby data gathered is categorized in themes and sub-themes, so. Data Analysis Examples The pages below contain examples (often hypothetical) illustrating the application of different statistical analysis techniques using different statistical packages.

Each page provides a handful of examples of when the analysis might be used along with sample data, an example analysis and an explanation of.

In more details, in this part the author outlines the research strategy, the research method, the research approach, the methods of data collection, the selection of the sample, the research. Apr 11,  · How to write: Methodology and Analysis of Results. So I’m moving on to tips on writing your methodology and/or analysis of results sections.

Depending on your research, and how you go about validating/testing your research, you may need one or two sections for this. you may need one or two sections for this.

If you have to. Data analysis methods in the absence of primary data collection can involve discussing common patterns, as well as, controversies within secondary data. What is the basic methodology for a quantitative research design?

The overall structure for a quantitative design is based in the scientific method. The basic procedure of a quantitative design is: Make your observations about something that is unknown, unexplained, or new.

Investigate current theory surrounding your problem or issue.

Example of data analysis in research methodology
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