Gatorade in myanmar essay

In conclusion, when I am writing this letter, the New Year festival Thingy an is still celebrating. I can understand that. They are mostly grown in the Ayeyarwaddy Delta, where abounds in good farming land.

It is dominated by the southwest summer-season monsoon winds, as it lies mostly in the tropics, and is adjacent to the Indian Ocean. These festivals are well known among some foreigners and the Myanmar people.

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The country can be broadly divided into five regions based on relief features: The fissure is also an important business and it exports fishes, prawns and other marine foods. Myanmar is situated in Dry Zone.

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Industrialization before independence was very meager. World War II severely disrupted its economy and left most of the economic facilities inoperative.

By the s, economy nearly collapsed. After you have read all, please give me some advice and commends about my country as well as about my English skills.

Of them all, Chaungthar is the most popular beach. Regnery Publishing, The main question posed in this book is which is the real "religion of peace," Christianity or Islam.

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Nay Pyi Taw is the capital city of Myanmar. The most famous festivals are water festival in Tagu April which is also known as New Year festival in Myanmar we call "Thingyan"the water pouring festival at Banyan Tree in Kason May ,the donating robe to the monks the sons of Buddha and the lightning festival in Thadingyut October.

Besides, marbles, topazes and amethysts of Myanmar are well-qualified so they profit foreign earnings.

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Myanmar has three seasons which are summer, Monsoon and winter hot season, rainy season and cold season. The hot season begins in February and lasts until the rains start. But I believe my country will develop one day. Myanmar is rich in national resources which are still unexplored.

Now, I think you all know Myanmar. There are also many festivals which are still obscure and but celebrating in the rural areas. It is colder in the north part than in the south part. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

It has temperate climate and it is also an agricultural country.The Junta began to blackmail citizens as well as physically forced voting in their favor, in order to keep their power. Throughout the media allegations against Aung San Suu Kyi began to spread, claiming that she was a conspirator, since at the time she was married to the late Michael Aris, who was a British man.

Myanmar Essay. Executive Summary Myanmar, the last frontier of Asia. With abundance of untapped natural resources and potential growth is the key to her future success. The recent signed “Telecommunication Law” makes Myanmar the last few untouched telecommunication markets in the world.

In physical dimensions, Myanmar (for­merly Burma) is the largest of the nations of mainland Southeast Asia. The country has been a “hermit” nation since inde­pendence from the British in Dec 24,  · Words: Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: For example, in Myanmar was removed from an international list of states that supported money laundering, after it took steps to crack down on banks that were engaged in the practice (Myanmar removed from, ).

In Myanmar, soil erosion is one of the most serious problems, and government cannot be controlled until now, so the agricultural products of Myanmar are falling. The fertility of the soil will reduce if the surface soil is eroded, and it. Bagan is known as a frequently visited tourist destination in Myanmar and the ancient city is home to amazing pagodas Read More» Bagan Information In the country of Myanmar, the main tourist destination is Bagan.

Gatorade in myanmar essay
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