General environment analysis of singapore airlines

After analyzing all these factors, It is clear that Singapore is a remarkable country. The residents could easily connect to the rest of the world. Without IT, the business had boundaries and international business will be prohibited.

Service is the cornerstone of LCC because customer loyalty is crucial for sustainable profit margins. Environmental Factors The Ministry of the Environment and Anti-Pollution Unit works relentlessly to maintain air quality and other environmental factors.

Whenever the bargaining power of buyer is substantial, rival companies may offer extended warranties or special services to gain customers loyalty. New entrants to an industry can raise the level of intensity of the competitiveness among companies, thereby reducing its attractiveness.

Reports suggest that most Singaporeans dislike blue collar jobs like construction. The main purpose of using airline services is to reach the destination.

Singapore financial markets shrugged off the news. Its enterprise friendly approach boosts business as well. Most of the airline company customers are individual travellers, only some travel in groups. Specific Environment Specific Environment Customers, competitors, suppliers, industry regulation and advocacy group are the 5 components of specific environment affect business, it changes and directly affect the way a company govern its business.

The marketing tools utilize humour, which embraces the attraction to the popular LCC.

Specific Environment

Corporate culture also adds to the bottom-line in terms of operating expense because happy people operate more efficiently. Tiger Airways has always operated as a no frills airline, which reduces the amount of inbound logistics dramatically. The decentralized, cross-functional organization continues to produce a profit margin as well as quality.

All the capability that Tiger possesses requires high skill from its conductor. In other words, it means that the presence of substitutes put a ceiling on the price to be charged before the consumers will switch to the substitute product. There are many airline companies in the industry.

Environmental analysis for Tiger Airlines of Singapore - Assignment Example

The presence of substitute products lowers the industry attractiveness and profitability because of the limited price levels. Mechanics and services are standardized, thus making it easier for potential problems to be identified and fixed in a timely fashion.

They are primary and support. An industry with similar products offered is highly competitive. As a solution, water is recycled after desalination.

Due to the above practices; Tiger is able to utilize its aircrafts at higher rate, resulting in higher rate of aircraft utilization, which signifies that higher profit will be gained by Tiger and also be able to lower the cost as the distributed fixed cost get smaller.

In doing that, constant price reduction is done by them to compete with others. The widespread IT infrastructure has encouraged multinational companies to set up regional operations in Singapore.

Boeing and Airbus dominate the whole airline industry because they are the two major suppliers of aircrafts. Given the economic circumstances, Tiger Airways culture will also be tested.

It eased communication and increases connectivity.1. Introduction Singapore Airlines is known as a global and respected Airline Company with safe journey, innovative technology and excellent servic. A Competitive Analysis of Airline Industry: A Case Study on Biman Bangladesh Airlines Singapore airlines, air India, jet airways, and gulf air as its competitors.

How is the competitive environment for airlines operating in this route? Yet, only a year after the attacks, Southwest and the industry in general faced still unknown future changes to its operating environment. [tags: Business Analysis Management] Research Papers words ( pages).

PESTLE Analysis of Singapore

Singapore Airlines Analysis. SINGAPORE INTERNATIONAL AIRLINES Air travel remains a large and growing industry. GENERAL ENVIRONMENT ANALYSIS The general environment analysis will focus on trends in the four segments of General Environment.

Find the latest and comprehensive SWOT & PESTLE Analysis of Singapore Airlines Limited, the flag carrier in Singapore. The SWOT analysis for Singapore Airlines presented below analyzes the internal and external environmental factors such as Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats by incorporating its results and.

Environmental analysis for Tiger Airlines of Singapore - Assignment Example On In Assignment Sample Environmental analysis is crucial as it identifies the issues and trends that have important implications for the future.

General environment analysis of singapore airlines
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