Impact of hurricane katrina

Successful rescue of a pregnant woman There were six deaths confirmed at the Superdome. Nullam nibh neque, consectetur vel, iaculis vitae, volutpat et, mi.

Baseline demographic and health information was collected for all of the 1, participants in the study. Reacting to the tens of thousands of people who were evacuated and the estimated 1, dead due to the storm; Bush asked congress to support recovery aid needs.

Bernard Parish was flooded because of breaching of the levees that contained a navigation channel called the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet MR-GO and the breach of the 40 Arpent canal levee that was designed and built by the Orleans Levee Board. By September 4, a temporary communications hub was set up at the Hyatt Hotel in downtown New Orleans.

Effects of Hurricane Katrina in Mississippi U. The local municipalities were charged with maintenance once the projects were completed.

In addition the structures caused subsidence of up to 8 feet 2. The most devastating blow to the economy was the amount of job losses and price inflation for gasoline, energy and resources throughout the United States.

The first deaths reported from the city were reported shortly before midnight on August 28, as three nursing home patients died during an evacuation to Baton Rougemost likely from dehydration. When the waves and storm surge hit the coastline, the structures along the coast in Mississippi were completely destroyed and further inland experienced catastrophic flooding.

Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport was closed before the storm but reported no flooding in airplane movement areas or inside of the building itself. Long-term health and mental health services are needed for low-income disaster survivors, especially those who experience disaster-related stressors and loss.

These prisoners were kept in conditions that included a portable toilet and military issued mealsbut excluded a mattress or cot. The hurricane also seriously damaged or destroyed educational and health facilities in the city, leading to numerous school closures, destruction of medical records, and reductions in the number of hospital beds and health clinics.

Effects of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans

There were no goods going in or coming out of the city. Abstract The purpose of this study was to document changes in mental and physical health among low-income parents exposed to Hurricane Katrina and to explore how hurricane-related stressors and loss relate to post-Katrina well being.

Katrina is the third deadliest hurricane in U.

Hurricane Katrina

The hurricane left an estimated three million people without electricity. Reports of gangs roving the city shooting police officers and survivors were also false, as only one policeman was shot in the aftermath of Katrina and no indictments were brought forward against the supposed gang members.

Map of New Orleans showing flooding depths. Prior to that date, the locations of corpses were recorded, but most were not retrieved. This sector consisted of approximately 22, lost jobs and As a result, the entire city was in shambles, inundated with looters, homeless people and evacuees.NEW ORLEANS – August 26‚ – As we approach the 11th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, people around the world will reflect on the devastating impact that the storm and subsequent levee failures had on New Orleans and the entire Gulf Coast region.

Flooding. When the levees protecting New Orleans failed in Augustapproximately 80 percent of the city was flooded. Hurricane Katrina moved ashore over southeast Louisiana and southern Mississippi early on August 29,as an extremely dangerous Category 4 storm. Credit: GOES Project Science Office Hurricane.

In order to fully understand the impact Hurricane Katrina had on the economic status of New Orleans, it is important to know the culture and economic forces driving the city. One of the city’s major ways of securing a stable economy is the fact that the city is a major tourist attraction for the United States.

impact of Hurricane Katrina on New Or-leans, it is important to assess the impact of the economic forces driving the city.

In making this assessment, two approaches of-fer insights. The first approach, which occupies the next section and to which the analysis returns. The purpose of this study was to document changes in mental and physical health among low-income parents exposed to Hurricane Katrina and to explore how hurricane-related stressors and loss relate to post-Katrina well being.

The prevalence of probable serious mental illness doubled, and nearly. Hurricane Katrina has had a major, lasting impact on the environment and leaves legacy of industrial waste, raw sewage, and oil spills The Environmental Impacts of Hurricane Katrina Search the site GO.

Impact of hurricane katrina
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