Is street art really art art essay

Getting Through the Walls. Whereas graffiti writing functions as a code for other writers, street art is more about communicating with the general public. They think it is related with gangs which can lead to bigger crime.

The purposes and motivations that drive painters are as varied as people themselves. Graffiti is a silent characteristic which is crime itself. New York, Harry N.

Graffiti technique can be viewed as pricey art. Inhe was illegally given a key to the glassed in advertisement spaces in bus shelters and on the streets.

When something has an energetic existence, the energy body can feel it and reacts by changing state which we consciously interpret as emotions. In an ironic twist, street art and graffiti writing has made its way into the mainstream by the recent appropriation of the style by films, advertising, music packaging, fashion and media without people really understanding what they are looking at Lewisohn Ironically, gallerists around the world are starting to appreciate graffiti writing and street art and are finding new ways to collaborate with the artists.

What they do not see is it has a certain beauty to it, with beautiful colors and powerful messages. Nonetheless, the illegality of street art has stood in the way of it becoming recognized as a legitimate art form.

Graffiti writers are not interested in the general public understanding their artwork. Although graffiti is illegal and is considered vandalism by the law, some people considered it art because, it is a way people can express themselves and let their voices be heard.

However, street art is often seen as radical or unconventional because of its location — on walls and doors, on train carriages and in tunnels. So how do you create true art?

Essay: Is Street Art Really Art?

Because they are conceptual artists, street artists want the general public to not just see their work, but to interact, understand what they are seeing and have an emotional response. Wynwood, however did not start out that way. Similar is Melbourne street artist Deb, who goes only by a nickname and is hard to track down to a name or place.

Which cost thousands to repair or replace. These drawings take up the entire side of a building. Some pieces can be complicated while others like tagging are simple. All manner of poisonous substances, from peyote to absinth, from alcohol to opium, and from LSD to amphetamines, have been used for the same purpose by artists looking for inspiration across the ages.

That is how some people might communicate to let their voices be heard, while other think it is vandalism. It is usually done with spray paint or markers. This is what happens when someone looks at a piece of art and feels laughter bubbling up inside of them, or someone listens to a piece of music and the tears rush up from "nowhere.

Street Art Essay

These are the people who make art with the conscious mind alone. Than their is wildstyle graffiti.

Is Graffiti art or vandalism Essay

If it is a meral and it points out a message then it is considered art. It is a way people express their opinions about the world.

This is our true 6th sense, and everyone has this sense. Because of the intended audience, this piece is in stark contrast to graffiti writing. I would like to consider the idea of street art as resistance as the first part of my argument for street art as a valid artform.

Graffiti can be used as artistic expression, or a form of communication, but many people consider it to be vandalism. Years ago it was a warehouse district next to a massive train yard, which is now the colossal Mid-Town complex.

Here, Banksy seeks to engage the common zoo visitor and contribute a bit of humor with empathy for the caged animals. Graffiti is considered a form of communication in the form of images that are put on buildings without permission.

Blek le Ratwho has been stenciling walls in Paris since the s, chose to work primarily with stencils because he could produce the design at home with no rush or risk of interruption. In my definition, it is. They provide a break from tradition and they inspire the viewer, while also being aesthetically pleasing.I would like to start there, and state my definition of art, which I believe to be a simple, workable definition that will make it possible to answer the question, what is art, quite easily and conclusively, and to help make it possible to distinguish real art from fake art, at least for the majority of the population.

Although street art is technically considered graffiti, it is a type of graffiti with positive qualities, but certain figures in society find street art to be, in some way, disruptive. If used properly, street art can be appreciated artistically and socially.

In public art and street art there really is no difference. We Will Write A Custom Essay Sample On Any topic specifically for you For Only $/page Order now. Street art originated in the late s with the advent of graffiti and tagging in Philadelphia and New York City. It has been developing ever since as new styles, forms and techniques are created and utilized by street artists.

Free Essay: When Is Art Not Really Art? Art is everywhere. Tomb paintings in Egypt, the Sistine chapel in Italy, photography, cave paintings, tattoos, the. Street art originated in the late s with the advent of graffiti and tagging in Philadelphia and New York City (Walsh, 3).

It has been developing ever since as new styles, forms and techniques are created and utilised by street artists (Walsh, 12). But street art is not generally.

Is street art really art art essay
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