Psychological effects of alcoholism essay

These are the most important because these can cause your death. Jealousy Divorce Regarding financial instability, the earlier discussion on the real and potential economic losses associated with alcohol abuse, as well as debt, can easily trigger profound problems in a marriage.

There are government guidelines that indicate the maximum alcoholic units per week that are safe to consume. The second effects caused by alcoholism are psychological. These emotions can all collect into a disorder known as codependency.

Some individuals may use alcohol consumption to excuse their actions, but the blame is usually misplaced. Individuals who abuse alcohol experience physical impairments that can draw others into caring for them.

Domestic violence is a learned behavior. Alcoholism affects families all over America, and some families are even divided because of it. However problems occur when drinking to excess or drinking as a solitary activity and eventually the person finds that they cannot get to sleep at night without a drink or even a bottle of wine or vodka or they cannot face the day without having a few glasses of wine, spirits or beer before they leave the house.

The line between helping an alcohol abuser becomes blurred with enabling the alcohol abuser to maintain the addiction. The odd glass of wine with a meal, a beer after work is socially acceptable. Each year numerous amounts of people are killed in drunk driving incidents.

Alcohol abuse also disrupts routines, such as mealtimes and bedtimes, which children need for healthy emotional development. Alcoholism also causes severe damage in the neurons, so it causes alterations in the body movements, loss of appetite, and depression.

Another study found that of those individuals who attack a partner, percent had abused alcohol. Firstly, is the actual cost of the alcohol can be crippling.

Besides, alcohol alters the digestion of nutrients that the body needs to stay healthy.

Alcoholism and Family/Marital Problems

The hangovers, appearance and lack of concentration can seriously affect the ability to work which will ultimately result in lack of money Sometimes people drink more alcohol more than they should because they feel that it helps their mood, but in reality it can mean that you need to drink more and more each time to get a good mood feeling, In fact the coupled with the financial problems, alcohol can make you feel ore anxious and depressed, which can lead to a downward spiral that affects relationships by putting enormous stress on those closest.

So before you drink ask yourself is it really worth losing it all? So always think before you drink and drive. According to one report published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, 92 percent of victims of domestic violence reported that the assailant had used alcohol or other drugs on the day of the assault.

Physically, if someone is drinking to excess on a regular basis they get a hangover on a regular basis, this can a lack of pride in appearance, a lack of concentration, chronic dehydration; liver disease and various other illnesses.

Marriage and family therapist Darlene Lancer is an expert on codependency. The third effects of alcoholism are emotionally. It is important to realize that in reality there is what is known as an addictive personality and sometimes the addict through no fault of their own has little control over their addiction.Alcoholism and Family/Marital Problems long-term, such as problems in school, ending up in juvenile detention, becoming pregnant, and numerous emotional and psychological problems.

Comprehensive treatment for the child or the family unit (including the parent who abuses alcohol or other drugs) can effectively address and improve the many.

When people think of the negative effects alcohol has on the body, many times people may think of the damage it does to the internal organs. Psychological Effects Of Alcohol On Behavior.

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The Psychological Effects of Alcohol - Essay Example

Published: 23rd March, These psychological effects of alcohol and the effects it has on ones behavior can be felt over and over.

Nov 03,  · One of the major problems in society is alcoholism. The effects of this disease are very dangerous and serious. It can cause many problems in a person's life without the person even knowing.

Alcoholism Can Affect A Person Financially, Physically, And Psychologically

We will discuss the physical, psychological, and emotional effects of alcoholism and what causes it to happen. The first effects of alcoholism are. This paper the Psychological Effects of Alcohol talks that the effects of consuming alcohol can be extremely subtle or they can take on dramatic dimensions.

Free Essays Essay writing help. Essay about Symptoms, Effects, and Treatments of Alcoholism - Symptoms, Effects, and Treatments of Alcoholism When the words “substance abuse” are heard, most frequently the thought of using marijuana, cocaine, heroin, or some other illegal drug pops into mind.

The purpose of this essay is to present the physical, psychological, and economic effects of alcoholism. The first group of effects of alcoholism are physical.

These are the most noteworthy owing to the fact that they can involve death.

Psychological effects of alcoholism essay
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