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There were talks that too many of the lenses were just selling products rather than being informative. Just as with Digg, you will not want to Ping all of your lens sites the same day. To avoid Digg from labeling your material as Spam, make sure you do not submit too many lenses with the same subject or keyword tags to Digg.

Most people build their credentials by learning as much as they can on a subject and writing frequently and often on it. Gifts from Jim DeSantis To make a donation, click the button below: Your introduction and the body of your lens page should include strong and compelling copy that will encourage visitors to click through the links you have on your page.

It will also help you select and speed up the process of adding new tags. Add lists to your Lenses. Remember, it only takes a few minutes to set up your lens page on Squidoo.

Meaning, squidoo lens writing service will pay for content provided in this niche area. Step into the shoes of the target audience and think of how those people would search. Typically you include modules after your introduction.

There are UK writers just like me on hand, waiting to help you. Here is an overview of some of the changes: If most of your customers follow a particular keyword or method, you can use that to optimize your lens and discard the ones which are ineffective. If your lens is on a new topic, create a new tag for that lens.

How to earn money on Squidoo? When I was creating my lenses with Squidoo, there were far fewer people setting them up, especially for promotional purposes.

The simple act of creating a powerful lens on Squidoo can increase your page rank so that your site is ranked in the top on Google and other major search engines. Simply go to the following web address: Having enough lenses is important for increasing your traffic. Most writers have either cutback on the number of lenses they publish there or have stopped writing for Squidoo completely.

One of the easiest ways to achieve this is by using Digg. For all of the keywords that you are considering, look at the sites ranking in the top I continue to monitor traffic on Quantcast and have seen no big changes in traffic.

Use it to your advantage.

Squidoo Review: Is It Worth My Time?

You are likely to lose credibility if you claim you are an expert in many different topics, like real estate, Internet marketing and book promotions for example. The simplest way to do this is as always, by providing helpful information and answering others questions and posts as often as you can.

You want to highlight your skills and expertise in each unique area. To fix this, you can log back into Digg and create your lens again using different tags and information. Now remember, your lens is nothing more than an informational webpage.

Your Squidoo lens is not the only one out there. Use long-tail terms and questions as tags. Do also make your rounds of SquidU. The-title-is-the-key Whatever your keyword, it should be in your lens title. This could create a nice tie in to my theme. Some of the best niches to promote include:The SEO Service Includes One Way Link Building, Guaranteed Directory Links, Social Bookmarking Service, Blog Commenting Service, Directory Submission, Forum Posting Service, Squidoo Lens Creation, Press Release Distribution, Blog Review Service, Article Syndication, Article Submission and Content Writing.

Apr 01,  · Once the lens lockdowns started to diminish a bit, Squidoo began to release new guidelines for writing lenses. Here is an overview of some Reviews: Squidoo was a revenue-sharing article-writing site.

Articles were called "lenses". Articles were called "lenses". Inthe site consisted of million lenses as of October [update].

Jul 01,  · Squidoo Lense Service. Discussion in 'Services' started by bluchi, Jun 25, 0. I am interested in this only if there is promotion to the squidoo lens. Any discount for the first buyer?

Thanks! ac3_spad3s I think your price is expensive, compared to others on DP, who also include article writing and site promotion for a similar. This is what makes a Squidoo lens so valuable for creating quality links. Blog Review and Original Blog Writing Service for Contextual links.

Should Freelance Writers Set up a Squidoo Lens?

Squidoo Lense Service

by Jennifer Mattern | Mar 10, | Marketing & PR | 0 comments Today I'm going to cover a recent reader question from Diana Bocco about Squidoo lenses, and whether or not you should take the time to create one to support your freelance writing services.

Squidoo lens writing service
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