The demonstration of the assumptions and moral values of societies through the character of iago in

Appearance and Reality Appearance and reality are important aspects in Othello. That it is justifiable to commit horrible sins simply for personal advancement.

These assumptions and morals fall under three main categories: Assumptions are often unexamined. The integrity of your cause and your organization is worth far more, and will contribute far more to your effort, than any short-term financial or public relations gain.

Othello, however, is not aware how deeply prejudice has penetrated into his own personality. It can show where changes are needed, pinpoint problems and strengths, suggest additional action, and provide accountability.

Her relationship with Othello is one of love, and she is deliberately loyal only to her marriage. Envy Sheila Birling is next and she represents the cardinal sin of envy- arguably a sin frequently associated with young women.

Community work is far more likely to be successful if it involves all stakeholders from the very beginning. The basic elements of the intervention should be effective — perhaps with some adaptation to a different community or population — anywhere, and you should be able to explain exactly how it works, so that someone else can set it up and run it in another situation.

Shakespeare has demonstrated that within the society, it is okay for one man to severely disrupt the lives of others, simply for personal advancement. Aim high, but be honest with yourself and others about what you can actually do, and how much time it will take.

Even Iago himself believes that his wife had an affair with Othello. Necessity forces his hand, and, in order to destroy Othello, he must also destroy Roderigo, Emilia, Desdemona, and ultimately himself.

The development of her superego begins almost immediately signifying that her conscience and morality is what rules her and positions her as a character the audience ultimately admires. To really bring about change in a community, you have to keep at it indefinitely.

Iago is essentially the main character of the play. What Iago gives him instead is imaginary pictures of Cassio and Desdemona to feed his jealousy. In order to survive the combined onslaught of internalized prejudice and the directed venom of Iago, Othello would have had to be near perfect in strength and self-knowledge, and that is not fair demand for anyone.

He treats others as fools and has no time for tender emotion, yet he is a married man and presumably once loved his wife.

Iago has a reputation for honesty, for reliability and direct speaking. The very basis of the character Iago is used to demonstrate that a value within society is that it is okay for people to use each other. Because Iago succeeds, because he was able to carry off the plan, we are able to see exactly the assumptions on society that Shakespeare laid out to demonstrate.

Othello/ Assumptions And Values (Othello By William Shakespeare) term paper 15612

In the case of the Community Tool Box team, they are the underpinning of our understanding of community health and development, the truths that shape both our reasons for doing the work, and the work itself.

The terms values, principles, and assumptions are sometimes used as if they all mean the same thing — the underlying truths on which we base our dealings with the world. Shakespeare has used Iago as the central character, the character that the entire plot line rests on, and thus we are almost forced to see his point of view, and thus sympathize with him at the end of the play.

Iago also uses Roderigo, someone that we originally view as his friend. In summary Underlying every section of the Community Tool Box are the values, principles, and assumptions that the Tool Box team uses to guide its work. If we start with that assumption, it becomes easier to establish common ground, and to begin to work together.

Iago also uses Roderigo, someone that we originally view as his friend.

Part 2- Morality and Relationships in ‘An Inspector Calls’- Sheila Birling

This often means changing some fundamental aspects of the way the community thinks or functions — its attitude toward domestic violence, for instance, its commitment to education or to environmental preservation, its consumption of alcohol or unhealthy food, or its concept of social justice.

For most of us, it is probably a combination of the two. However, in AIC, Priestley presents an Edwardian England that does not allow morality to interfere with the avaricious pursuit of wealth, status and privilege and encourages the audience to question the purported moral superiority of its wealthy citizens like the Birlings.

Again, by the end of the play, we are not entirely unsympathetic to Iago, and rather seem to like his character. Be genial, sometimes jovial, always gentlemanly. To what extent can Edwardian England be viewed as a moral society? Iago often falsely professes love in friendship for Roderigo and Cassio and betrays them both.

He never bothered to ask him, simply assumed that the words of other men were true. We are made to believe that this is okay, and even to be expected. They each represent different strata of upper class society but symbolically each one represents a different cardinal sin. We are made to believe that this is okay, and even to be expected.

Othello demands of Iago "Villain, be sure thou prove my love a whore, be sure of it, give me the ocular proof" Act 3, Scene 3.May 15,  · As one of the younger generation, she represents hope for a better, more moral, even socialist future. As a character who lives through the imminent world wars, Sheila is the character Priestley exhorts the post war audience to be like: a person with a developed superego, who supports the socialist principle of being “members of one.

Character is the sum of continuously developing moral and ethical qualities and the demonstration of those qualities in people's emotional responses, thinking, reasoning, and. In Othello, the major themes reflect the values and the motivations of characters. Love In Othello, love is a force that overcomes large obstacles and is tripped up by small ones.

Ethical Decision Making and Behavior As we practice resolving dilemmas we find ethics to be less a goal and sort out competing values. The third factor is moral evaluation, or using (motivation), and (4) moral character.2 Component 1: Moral Sensitivity (Recognition) Moral sensitivity (recognizing the presence of an ethical issue) is the.

billsimas.comship is ethical and is values-driven.

Assumptions And Values Othello By William Shakespeare Term paper

Leadership includes ethical action, both in the process and outcomes. The consistent demonstration of honest and ethical decision-making and behavior by leaders form the foundation of trust and credibility on which relationships are built and maintained.

symbols espoused values basic assumptions enacted values observable artifacts As employees complete J&J credo and leadership training, they begin to demonstrate the values of the credo. The demonstration of the vales and norms exhibited by the organization is known as enacted values.

The demonstration of the assumptions and moral values of societies through the character of iago in
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