The worlds last night and other essays

On Obstinacy in Belief The title for me was a bit misleading, which is likely at least in some part due to my reading it sixty years after it was published. What implications might such a discovery have for Christian theology?

Finally, if all of the first four questions could be answered yes, is it certain that this is the only possible mode of Redemption? The rest of the essay continues that speculation, and I will leave it to the reader of this article to pursue the original article by Lewis and enjoy his speculation for itself.

His haughtiest opponents could not, in good conscience, deny Lewis as the epitome of profound logic and beautifully executed argumentation. The playing it well is what matters infinitely. Civilized man murders, enslaves, cheats, and corrupts savage man.

Religion and Rocketry Perhaps my favorite essay of the collection, this one fascinated me due to the scientific speculation, for the most part which was in one sense what Lewis was attempting to avoid. This, among other races i. That is, are they spiritual beings? If we cannot make moral decisions amongst our own people, then what hope do we have of doing so to strangers from a distant world?

The World’s Last Night: And Other Essays

Feelings are certainly a part of the human experience, but to base anything off of their fickle nature only creates further difficulties. His academic and philosophical perspective along with his renowned education give no way to arrogance.

Christ could have come to those worlds also. Reading his little bits of scripture interpretation was new even for me.

The World S Last Night And Other Essays

Having been raised in an Evangelical environment, I was abundantly familiar with the stipulation that Christianity is a relationship with a personal, intimate God, as opposed to a collection of rites and rituals, laws and standards.

Are there animals anywhere else besides earth?

The World’s Last Night

But none of the statements or ideas seemed familiar to me. The audience, if there is an audience if angels and archangels and all the company of heaven fill the pit and the stalls may have an inkling.

Still, the essay was an enjoyable and educational read. If any of them have fallen, have they been denied Redemption by the Incarnation and Passion of Christ? Reading his brief thoughts on public vs. The essay itself starts with Lewis proclaiming two equal and opposite scientific proposals: And advancements in astronomical exploration have only furthered this discussion among rationalists.

I smiled at his disparaging words regarding the art world. If anything, they can enrich each other and learn from each other. We do not know who are the major and who the minor characters.

Its purpose is stated in the first paragraph of the essay: One of his most poignant sections goes as follows: In that same essay, Lewis claimed that Hoyle and many others were saying that life must have originated in many, many times and places, given the vast size of the universe.

Glimpses into various topics, I can now see, is a valuable method of understanding the broader concepts that Lewis leans toward. There is nothing odd about arguments from two very different positions both being able to attack Christianity.

What fascinated me, though, was that despite my disagreeing with him on several points most of which were not the focus of the respective essaysI still not only learned from the central ideas he proposed, but also still hold him as an authority I trust, even after all these years of changes to my own beliefs.

Anything further than that is pure nonsense. Disagreeing with Hoyle, Lewis thought it unlikely that life existed anywhere else in our solar system, but that it was at least possible elsewhere in the galaxy.

Hoyle, the Cambridge astronomer and founder of the Institute of Astronomy at Cambridge. He concludes by suggesting that we live our lives, our vocations, with the understanding that there is a judgment coming.

Lastly, this was a bit of a significant read for me. Instead, Lewis makes a set of logical yet humble arguments about his subjects to varying degrees.

The essay especially focuses on the nature of Christ, who was the God-Man, and it challenges the modern thought that history always produces progress. Man destroys or enslaves every species it can.''The Last Night And Other Essays'' is a collection of essays that represent who C.S.

Lewis was, both as a Christian and as a writer. This book is a collection of seven essays highlighting his beliefs and concerns.

The World's Last Night: And Other Essays

The World's Last Night is a collection of C.S. Lewis essays. It contains ruminations on the efficacy of prayer; a debunking of "blind faith"; a repudiation of "religion" and "culture" (reminiscent of The Abolition of Man); Screwtape returning to toast democracy; and discussions on consumer society, the theological implications of life on other /5.

Of Other Worlds is a anthology of literary criticism by C. S. Lewis and published posthumously by the executors of his estate. It was edited by Lewis' secretary and eventual literary executor Walter published: In The World's Last Night and Other Essays, Lewis tackles several questions throughout the writings included therein.

Elitism and humility, pride and jealousy, the dangers of authoritarianism degrading the gains won by democracy, and, of course, the "world's last night", among other issues.5/5.

The World's Last Night and Other Essays out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 25 reviews. Anonymous: More than 1 year ago: This book is a collection of more or less miscellanious essays including one oration by the ever popular Screwtape himself.

This copy like, many free ones, suffers somewhat from textual errors, in this rendering, however, they /5(25). In The World's Last Night and Other Essays, Lewis tackles several questions throughout the writings included therein.

Elitism and humility, pride and jealousy, the dangers of authoritarianism degrading the gains won by democracy, and, of course, the "world's last night", among other issues/5(46).

The worlds last night and other essays
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