Writing a single minded proposition definition

It could clean anything off any dish. It had to be bigger. Early in my career, I was working on an ad campaign for Cascade dishwasher detergent. But if you are thrown one, you are very likely to catch it. Clients generally want to rave about their product, they have lists and lists of features that they want everyone to know about There has to a be single focus, so x bars are nutritious OR delicious, not nutritious and delicious.

The single-minded proposition By Jeff Perkins. As an assistant account executive I was introduced to the concept of the "single-minded proposition. People pay extra, for tv that can fast-forward through them.

You could literally put an entire casserole in the dishwasher and Cascade Complete would dissolve the entire thing away and leave the dish looking like new.

And my career in advertising began. He said that advertising is like tennis balls. You can target anyone, anywhere at anytime.

The single-minded proposition

To get uninterrupted access and additional benefits, become a member today. You can create a unique message that will be just for that person. Looking back, I was really, really lucky to get the job.

Log in or go back to the homepage. I knew absolutely nothing about advertising. While the course work was interesting, I left school with no real marketable skill. So they HAVE to be interesting, and have to be thought-provoking, and have to be exciting!

They were concise and they were powerful.

Published on January 21, What is the single-minded proposition for your product or service? For 50 years we had been telling people that the regular Cascade could clean anything off any dish.

Of all my classes, the one that was most interesting was about political advertising. So our single-minded proposition was, "Cascade Complete makes the sink redundant. That means the client has won.

It was always amazing to me that you could distill hundreds or thousands of inputs about a product—features, benefits, research, competitive insights—and translate that all into one simple statement.

And once that has been decided usually by the account managersit is then presented as a brief to the creative department, who can work around that idea and come up with as many different ideas surrounding it. Now, this new Cascade Complete product had more cleaning power than any other detergent on the market.

The real pain was that you always had to wash dishes by hand before you even put them in the dishwasher. You have to be unexpected, because people are curious by nature, and like being surprised by an unexpected idea.

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Enter your email address to follow Single-Minded Proposition and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join 2, other followers. Recent Posts. First, let's set the stage with a solid definition of the single-minded proposition.

My favorite comes from Jon Steel's book, "Truth, Lies and Advertising," when he quotes John Hegarty, the. The single-minded proposition was a disaster. It was, rather than singularly focused, a triple-minded Frankenstein's monster.

I remember sighing audibly, then asking if it were too late to re-visit the SMP. Jan 21,  · The reason it's called the single-minded proposition and not the brand proposition is to stress the importance of making it about one thing.

A core principle of writing an effective single-minded. The Single Minded Proposition So as I said, this is the most important part of formulating a good advertising campaign, as all your ideas will revolve around. At the heart of a great marketing story is usually a "single-minded proposition", or SMP.

The SMP sums up the most important thing you can say about the brand or product. It ignites creative briefs and serves as a rally cry for marketing communication. Most single-minded propositions resemble a peace treaty more than a rally cry however.

Writing a single minded proposition definition
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