Year of wonders book report

Only her husband knows the full story of her transgressions, and she finds it very gracious of him to have married her despite what others would surely see as a sordid history. His wife Elinor has recently died. Eventually, he proposes marriage to Anna, and she considers accepting, but before she can make a decision, he falls ill with a mysterious and powerful fever that kills him in just a few days.

While everyone is assembled for the bonfire, Brand Rigney and Robert Snee arrive with Aphra, whom they have discovered selling the fake charms. They support each other through their struggles, and Elinor confesses as to why a high-born woman such as herself married a humble rector and devoted her life to helping the less fortunate.

Retrieved 6 February What Brooks did so perfectly in pagesshe completely decimated in pages Both Mem and Anys are murdered by villagers.

Josiah dies a horrible death of exposure to the elements.

Year of Wonders

Before he dies, he asks Anna to burn his clothes that he has made for the townspeople. Elizabeth Bradford, the daughter of a wealthy family who had fled the village and the plague, returns and demands assistance from the rector, who rouses from his room only long enough to angrily turn her away.

Was she attempting to pull off her own mini-plague by killing off all the good and noble and faithful ideas her story fostered?

Year Of Wonders Summary

Overtaxed by panic and grief, the villagers become irrational. Elinor takes the uneducated Anna under her wing and teaches the fastlearner how to read. Elizabeth tries to kill the baby to hide the family shame of a child conceived out of wedlock, but Anna stops her and agrees to leave town with the baby and conceal its origins.

Journal of a plague year

Anys tells Anna that George has feelings for her. But no one comes to save him. The rector, Michael Mompellion, is the new priest in the village. Mompellion chooses to hold a service of Thanksgiving for their deliverance.

Like the flaring rosettes of the bubonic rash, it gets under the skin of what it means to be human. Anna has been working in the rectory and, after taking the plague oath, she and Elinor Mompellion grow closer.

Anna and Elinor Mompellion are two ordinary women dealing with extraordinary circumstances. With finances tight after the recent death of her husband in a mining accident, Anna takes in the apprentice tailor, George Viccars, as a boarder.

Viccars develops a high fever, and starts exhibiting symptoms of the bubonic plague. Meanwhile, Anna herself takes dangerous doses of poppy oil an opiate to numb the pain of losing her sons.

Eventually it bursts, like a pea-pod splitting open, spewing pestilential pus flecked with spots of rotten skin.

Year of Wonders Summary

History remembers the real rector of Eyam, William Mompesson, as a saintly, inspirational figure who persuaded the village to accept its quarantine. Author Geraldine Brooks tells this story through the eyes of Anna, a young widow with 2 very small children to support.

They become the village midwives and caregivers.


The villagers punish her by casting her into a disused well that now serves as a manure pit, in which she nearly drowns. Since the Arab world is more scientifically and medically advanced than English society, Anna becomes a trained midwife and gains a medical education, as well as personal autonomy and a sense of purpose to replace her lost faith in God.Year of Wonders: A Novel of the Plague is a international bestselling historical fiction novel by Geraldine Brooks.

It was chosen as both a New York Times and Washington Post Notable Book. Plot introduction. The novel is written in the point of view of a housemaid named Anna Frith, on what she lives through when the plague hits her.

echo in YEAR OF WONDERS), scrutinizes her employer with a kind, sharp, yearning eye, and ultimately heals and transfigures him.

Anna comes out of this tradition; unlike Jane, however, her destiny. Brooks’s tale, framed by reveries set a year and a half after the plague burns itself out (in “Leaf-Fall, ”), is narrated by Anna Frith, an earnest and highly intelligent young widow who buries her own multiple bereavements (first her gentle husband, later their two small sons) in work, aiding her (unnamed) village rector’s wife in treating the sick with.

Year of Wonders opens in the autumn of The protagonist, Anna Frith, watches the half-hearted harvesting process as farmers bring bruised apples to the rectory. Anna is the housekeeper to the vicar Michael Mompellion. She reflects that while autumn used to bring successful harvests and security.

The book causes you to wonder about the world and changes how you might view things. SETTING "Wonder" takes place in a suburb of Manhattan, North River Heights.

The year is Most of the action takes place in a small school called Beecher Prep. This is one of those books that isn't just one story set in a few days. Exploring love and learning, fear and fanaticism, and the struggle of science and religion to interpret the world at the cusp of the modern era, Year of Wonders is at once a story of unconventional love and a richly detailed evocation of a riveting moment in history.

Year of wonders book report
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